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Mental Toughness Coaching by Meike BabelMental preparation in tennis, or any other sport for that matter, is as essential as the physical demands required to succeed. As a Certified Mental Toughness Specialist, my ultimate goal is to help you acquire critical mental skills that will serve you for the rest of your career and beyond—on and off the courts. Over and again, we have witnessed how viewing athletes as mere numbers, concerned only with their win/loss records, often compromises young players’ development both athletically and personally. Wins or losses should not be the only defining qualities of our players. As a consequence, my mental toughness coaching employs a process-oriented approach toward becoming a well-balanced athlete and human being. Together, we’ll deal constructively with the pressures you encounter—whether at the amateur level or in the highly competitive environments of elite Junior Tennis or pro rankings and the problems arising from those pressures—with special attention paid to:

  • “Getting tight” at close scores (closing sets or matches).
  • Difficulty finding an Optimal Level of Arousal (either too lethargic or too anxious, nervous).
  • Dealing with own expectations as well of those of parents, coaches, and peers.
  • Showing negative emotions in audible, negative self‐talk or outbursts of anger.
  • Tanking matches.

“While my main focus in this area has been coaching tennis players, it’s important to know that the skills and techniques I am teaching through mental toughness coaching can be used by any athlete in any sport who is looking to become more focused, resilient and confident.“

Through mental toughness coaching, I can show you how to:

  • Change negative, destructive inner monologue into positive, constructive self‐talk.
  • Manage your body language.
  • Control emotions on and off the playing field.

No matter the sport!

I offer mental toughness coaching services in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado areas.

Please contact me to learn more about Mental Toughness Coaching and fees.
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I am really seeing a difference in my play since the workshop. I am much more comfortable, get much less tense at those crucial points, and I've recently been winning matches I would have lost a month ago. Won all 6 of my recent singles matches - can't remember the last time I won 6 in a row!
Martin GirvenMental Toughness Coaching Client - Atlanta, Georgia