As a former world-class tennis player and elite collegiate coach for over 25 years, I fashioned a career for myself out of something I love and continue to enjoy to this day. But along the way, I realized that being the best I could be took more than countless hours of practice and match time—in fact, no matter where you want to excel in your life, it takes a combination of skill, passion and commitment that draws on the very best your Body, Mind and Whole Being has to offer. Ready to discover your best self? Let’s do it!

The Body | Tennis Coaching

Working with tennis players of all levels, I can help you reach your individual goals with advice on the technical and tactical aspects of tennis as well as the psychological and physiological aspects that contribute to your overall development.

The Mind | Mental Toughness Coaching

As a certified Mental Toughness Specialist, I can help you learn vital coping skills that will serve you for the rest of your life—whether you play tennis or any other sport where you’re looking to improve upon mental focus and ability to handle pressure situations.

Whole Being | Integrative Health Coaching

As the owner of Blue Ripple Health Coaching and a graduate of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program, I can help you achieve greater focus across various aspects of your life by developing powerful strategies to maximize your overall health and well being.

The Coach | Meike Babel

As a seasoned coach, I’m ready to help you achieve your full potential on and off the courts through Tennis Coaching, Mental Toughness Coaching or Integrative Health Coaching, my three areas of professional and personal specialization. Where do you want to excel and how can I help you achieve your goals? I invite you to learn more about my experience in all three fields and then make a decision that could change the trajectory of your life.

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Meike is exactly what I need in a health coach. I found her to be the perfect balance of supportive and motivating. I'm a very happy client!
Jackie GIntegrated Health Coaching Client
If I were a young player looking to play professional tennis, and I had the opportunity to work with Meike Babel, I would hope I’d be smart enough to jump at the chance.
Geoff MacdonaldHead Tennis Coach, Vanderbilt University
I am really seeing a difference in my play since the workshop. I am much more comfortable, get much less tense at those crucial points, and I've recently been winning matches I would have lost a month ago. Won all 6 of my recent singles matches - can't remember the last time I won 6 in a row!
Martin GirvenMental Toughness Coaching Client - Atlanta, Georgia
Meike is a very effective and supportive coach! She is fun to work with and makes anything feel possible. She knows how to push you where you can stand to be pushed, while at the same time, she offers compassionate insight and understanding. I really enjoyed working with Meike and would highly recommend her as a coach!
Heather MIntegrated Health Coaching Client - Washington, DC
I actually closed out a match and didn't choke after being down 4-5 in the second set. Fitness wise, I wouldn't have lasted a third set, so closing it out was crucial! I owe it to Meike Babel and the techniques I learned at Sunday's workshop! Thanks Meike!
Paul Andrew JohnsonTennis Coaching Client - Atlanta, Georgia

I offer my tennis coaching and mental toughness coaching services in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado areas and throughout the country.